Foot Reading

£25 for a reading. 

Foot reading, or solestry is the skill of reading the character of a person though the feet. To do the reading I need some photos of the feet, and after I receive them, and the payment, I will set up a Zoom call with you to discuss the findings!

Here are some examples of the types of information I can glean from looking at your feet...

This person is hard working and always on the go, always doing something, fairly pragmatic and down to earth. A multi tasker, who is adaptable. Despite this, it takes them a while to get going as they can procrastinate a bit. They are diplomatic in the way they express themselves, but pretty stubborn. Once they’ve made their mind up, there’s no point trying to change it! And if they don’t feel like doing something, you’ve got no chance of getting them to do it!

This person appreciates the simple things in life and has great “joie de vivre”, with a child like sense of fun. They do prefer to watch and observe others before joining in though, checking the situation out carefully before making their move! They can be a bit of a rebel

This person tends to protect their emotions, and there are areas of their life, they don’t like to discuss; what they’re doing and their relationships, but they are better at showing their feelings now than they used to be. However they are good at setting boundaries.

There is a delay between logic and emotion. This person will offer to help, then wonder later how they’re going to manage it!

This person is independent, with strong inner resources, and finds it quite difficult to accept help from other people. They find it hard being with people all the time, and need time alone to recharge their batteries. They are sensitive – it’s quite easy to hurt their feelings. Also they will pick up on what you do and don’t say.

In the past this person had a particular strength in brainstorming and coming up with ideas, now it’s a bit more about the doing. That said, they do tend to overthink feelings, and what they’re doing. They can even be a bit of a drama queen!

This person is quite creative, and uses visualisation to see their way through a problem. That said, they can really overthink how to go about things, and even procrastinate a little about starting things!

They are very good at expressing themselves, but also diplomatic. They are good at creative expression.

This person is a multi-tasker, and works hard. But when they stop, that’s it – don’t try and shift them!

This person appreciates the finer things in life, and has a great sense of fun. They are also sociable and likes being with people. They are happy to receive help with a problem, but they love to have recognition for their efforts, and be in the thick of whatever is going on! That said, they have no problem setting boundaries.

This person develops quite an attachment to things and to people – they’re not good at throwing anything out and can be a bit of a hoarder! They also get attached to people easily. They are quite sensitive, but try and hide it.