Indian Head Massage

£20 for a 30 minute treatment

This treatment, also known in the ancient indian lifestyle science of Ayurveda as "shiroabhyanga", has been traditionally used in India for thousands of years. It uses different massage movements to release tension found in the head, neck and shoulders, bringing about a feeling of relaxation and calm.

The potential benefits of indian head massages include:

  • Improved blood flow to the area

  • Increased lymphatic flow to head, neck and shoulders

  • Reduced muscular tension

  • Greater joint mobility

  • Improved flexibility in the neck and shoulders

  • Decreased inflammation in tissues, reducing thickening of connective tissues

  • Stimulation of endorphins to the brain

  • Increased supply of oxygen to the brain

This very relaxing treatment is usually carried out fully clothed and with the client sitting down. It can be done with a little sesame oil, or without, especially if you do not want to get oil in your hair.

Please note; first treatment will include questions about your medical history in order to tailor your treatment accordingly, and ensure you are able to receive the treatment safely.

Indian Head massage