Runner's Rehab

£35 for a treatment of approx one hour

Doesn't matter if you're a professional sportsperson, semi professional, or just trying to stay fit and healthy, reflexology can help you!

Reflexology can support you by accelerating recovery from muskuloskeletal issues or injuries, treating recurrent muscular niggles, or perhaps helping you with an inflammatory condition. I am trained in a variety of reflexology techniques such as Vertical Reflex Therapy and Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage which can help you get back to your sport, alongside conventional medicine, massage and physio.
Vertical Reflex Therapy can also equip you with excellent self help techniques, so you can start to self treat at the first sign of trouble, or between appointments!
Other benefits of reflexology in sport;
  • It helps with  lymphatic drainage 

  • It boosts circulation

  • It can reduce inflammation

  • It reduces pain levels - limbic reflexology in particular can help manage pain directly in the brain, plus it stimulates endorphins

  • It is great for relaxation which therefore helps the healing process by triggering the parasympathetic nervous system

  • It improves sleep by increasing serotonin levels

  • It helps to boost the immune system

  • It has been shown to increase carbon dioxide exhaled from the nose by 9%, helping to lower pulse rate

  • It can help to improve focus and concentration

  • It can help with anxiety prior to a race or important sporting event

  • It cares for the feet, which are subject to a lot of pressure whilst running