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I am very happy to be a Tropic Ambassador, which means I am able to order and supply Tropic products for my clients to enjoy at home. I use this brand myself at home, and I have been very happy with every product I have used.

Tropic use naturally effective ingredients such as nourishing seed butters, fruit extracts and essential oils to produce products which are nutritious and beneficial to the skin. Products are never tested on animals, and do not contain ingredients which cause distress to wildlife.

All ingredients are listed in plain English, and are free from:

  • parabens


  • unsustainable palm oils

  • formaldehydes

  • pthalates

  • alcohol/ethanol

  • methylisothiazolinone

  • petrochemicals

  • mineral oils

  • gluten

  • lanolin

  • talc

  • triclosan

  • beeswax/honey

  • harsh preservatives

  • toxic chemicals

  • microbeads

The Tropic range is filled with fabulous skin, hair and body care products, so feel free to ask me about them, or click here to go to my page on the Tropic website where you can have a look at all the amazing products available.

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