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If you would like to help your wellbeing by improving your rest, this beautifully scented range of natural, organic and hand-batched Pillow Sprays are made in the Cotswolds, and are designed to improve sleep, reduce anxiety and lift moods. Each variety contains essential oils in blends to help you relax and get ready for a good nights rest. And as they are large 100ml bottles, they can be used as a gorgeous room or linen spray too.

£12 each

Sensory Retreats Self Heating Eye Masks

These eye masks feel soft and velvety and heat up when you place them over your eyes. What is more they also have a gorgeous scent of either lavender, jasmine, rose or chamomile. The heat lasts for approximately 25 minutes, but as they have great blackout qualities they would also be great to wear overnight to help you get to sleep and stay asleep! Available during your reflexology treatment, or to take home for your next pamper session!

£3.95 for a single sachet.

Box of 7 Luna (lavender) for £21

Box of 5 Aurora (Chamomile)  5 Amour (Rose) or Dreamy (Jasmine) £15

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