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Other Treatments

Relaxing Back Massage


Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils made from plants. It may help to improve both physical and emotional wellbeing, and is used alongside your current treatment. It is often used for chronic pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia and skin conditions. Essential oils have been used for healing, relaxation and spiritual purposes for thousands of years.

An aromatherapy massage involves a light massage treatment where the oils are rubed into the skin. The massage relieves tension and stress, improves circulation, lowers blood pressure and relaxes muscles. The oils used in the massage are blended especially for you, based on your current needs, and are inhaled and absorbed during the massage. This could help with stress, hormone imbalances, insomnia and aches and pains.

Indian Head Massage

This treatment, also known in the ancient indian lifestyle science of Ayurveda as "shiroabhyanga", has been traditionally used in India for thousands of years. It uses different massage movements to release tension found in the head, neck and shoulders, bringing about a feeling of deep relaxation and calm. It can also reduce muscular tension, and improve flexibility in the neck and shoulders, while also improving circulation to the area.


This very relaxing treatment is usually carried out fully clothed and with the client sitting down. It can also be done while the client is lying down. It can be done with a little sesame oil, or without, especially if you do not want to get oil in your hair.

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Reiki Treatment
Reiki Treatment


Reiki is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Force Energy that is guided for the purpose of healing. Reiki is a gentle, non invasive, hands on therapy that is deeply relaxing and assists with healing the whole person. It helps both body and mind whilst restoring balance and harmony to life. In addition, many find that this technique can help them change how they feel about themselves and their lives. They report feeling greater self confidence and inner peace.


Reiki can be excellent for physical healing and also for emotional healing. It can be used in almost all situations and conditions to help the mind, body and spirit.

Hopi Ear Candling

Hopi ear candles, also known as ear candling or thermal-auricular therapy, is a complementary practice that aims to enhance general well-being and is often used to address conditions related to the ear, nose, and throat. This ancient practice is believed to have been used by the Hopi Native American tribe and other ancient cultures.

The process involves placing a specially designed hollow candle in the outer ear canal and lighting it on the other end. The candle is usually made of cotton or linen, infused with beeswax, honey extracts, and therapeutic herbs such as sage, St. John’s Wort, and chamomile.

As the candle burns, it creates a gentle suction effect known as the "chimney effect." This is said to help draw out impurities, relieve pressure in the ear canal, and enhance the clearing of the sinuses. Additionally, the warmth and natural ingredients are believed to stimulate blood circulation, enhance lymphatic drainage, and provide a soothing effect.

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Lava shell massage and Thermabliss stone massage

Hot Lava Shell Massage is a deeply comforting and unique treatment that uses smooth, heated porcelain shells. These shells are known for their ability to retain heat. The treatment is often compared to hot stone massage but is noted for maintaining a consistent warmth and offering a more profound sense of relaxation. 

ThermaBliss Stone Massage is a therapeutic treatment that utilizes self-heating stones to deliver a deeply relaxing and healing experience. Unlike traditional hot stone massage, ThermaBliss Stones use the same patented, natural, biodegradable heat-activation technology that is used in the Lava Shells,  offering a more sustainable and efficient way to deliver warmth to the body.

The ThermaBliss Stones or Lava Shells are activated just before the session, causing them to heat up rapidly and maintain their warmth throughout the treatment. These stones are then used to massage and apply strategic pressure to different parts of the body. The gentle heat penetrates deeply into the muscles, melting away layers of tension and stress.

The treatment is particularly beneficial for those with muscle stiffness, chronic pain, or those simply looking to achieve a deeper sense of relaxation and well-being.

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