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The Zone Face Lift Treatment: The Natural Alternative to Botox

In the realm of beauty and skincare, we often find ourselves caught between the desire for visible, transformative results and the allure of holistic, natural treatments. Enter the Zone Face Lift, a pioneering treatment that not only promises rejuvenated skin but also a revitalized spirit.

What is the Zone Face Lift?

Created by the award-winning Ziggie Bergman, the Zone Face Lift is a holistic anti-aging program and treatment that marries the wisdom of ancient healing traditions with modern beauty techniques. Bergman's inspiration is derived from her extensive experience in Reflexology and her enlightening studies with Native American shamans and healers in New Mexico.

The treatment uniquely amalgamates traditional reflexology methods, healing techniques from Native American shamans, Asian body mapping, and the use of sacred herbs, crystals, and pressure-point massage. The result? A facial experience that’s been celebrated for removing up to 10 years of aging over a 12-week program, all while uplifting the spirit. In essence, it’s not just a facial – it's a journey.

Accolades and Acclaim

Leading beauty journalist, Sarah Vine, championed the Zone Face Lift as a "contender for London’s best facial treatment.” Similarly, Hip & Healthy touted it as "An all-natural alternative to botox with internal benefits to boot.”

Moreover, the treatment’s Crystal-Infused Facial Elixir has trumped renowned brands like Dior, Chanel, and NYR, securing the Beauty Shortlist Award and the Janey Loves Platinum Award for ‘Best Face Oil/Serum’.

Why Choose the Zone Face Lift?

Today’s discerning clients crave experiences, not just services. The Zone Face Lift is more than a skin treatment; it's a 12-week transformative journey for both the skin and the soul. Each treatment is customized to best suit the client's needs, ensuring a truly personalized experience.

Editor Margaret Hussey of the Sunday Express termed it “A spiritual facial treatment, unlike any other...the effects were immediate." Notably, while the luxurious hot towels and organic anti-aging ingredients focus on nourishing the skin, the quality of touch and guided healing visualizations truly set this facial apart.

Benefits of the Zone Face Lift include:

Rejuvenation: Naturally stimulates elastin and collagen, tightens, plumps, and sculpts the face.

Radiance: Smooths and lifts the face, reducing lines, wrinkles, and puffiness.

Well-being: Reduces stress, anxiety, and lifts mood. It might even aid those suffering from migraines and sinus problems.

Holistic Healing: A unique combination of touch and healing visualizations ensures benefits both inside and out.

The skin, our body's largest organ and our only direct window to the external world, deserves treatments that nourish both its surface and the soul beneath. The Zone Face Lift does just that, offering a radiant complexion and a serene spirit. In a world filled with quick fixes and chemical interventions, the Zone Face Lift stands out, proving that sometimes, the ancient wisdoms truly know best.

Zone Face Lift case study: Before and after 12 sessions of the treatment.

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